Yearly website cleansing

As I knew I would be, I am not great at maintaining my website, let alone remembering to type up the occasional blog post. But lookee here! Doing it.
I freaked out the other week when my yearly bill for this website was sprung on me, so I promptly cancelled. I do have a year till the cancellation goes in to effect. Meanwhile I’m still here! Who knows, maybe in a years time I’ll actually hunker down, create art, and make a few bucks from it, justifying this online presence. Like, does anyone even read this? Or come browse around? Shoot me a message if you do! Hate to say it, but Instagram seems way more effective at art sharing. Well, other people are also just way more effective at art sharing. I know many of my own short comings, and that’s one. As well as making art, putting my art out there, talking to people about art, talking to people full stop. It’s my own funeral, I know it.
But I try to hold on to that cheerful bouncy kid! I try to pull myself into a few little shared spotlights. Most of the time I don’t want to and want to run away as soon as I get there, but sometimes it’s really helpful and inspiring! Being in shared spaces definitely helps draw myself out of my head, helps break blocks that I place in front of my self. 
I’m currently working on a project exploring my own isolation as well as those around me. Having conversations with these people have proven to be pretty illuminating, not only about myself, but also others and all of us together. I hope to make some good art out of this. During today’s deep clean of my website, I’ve added the beginnings of this project under the Galleries tab, titled “Conversations on Isolation”. The title is a work in progress as well as the series. If you have any interest in joining the conversation, let me know!
Meanwhile, if you ever find yourself in Rochester, NY and want to see what’s new, send me a message! I have a studio at The Yards where you can find me and other artists hosting workshops, open studios, gallery shows, figure drawing, and more. 

Production Line

Home for Thanksgiving! In between chilling and YouTube video sharing with the family, I’ve been working on printing up batches of my partridge cards to sell! Good times.

I also worked on this year’s Christmas card design; two turtle doves.

Get it, get it? 

Lol, slow Christmas jokes ftw. See ya’all in 10 more years!

This week

Early this week I spent time hand printing up some of my Pear & Partridge cards to sell this holiday season! Pack of 6, envelopes included! Brought some with me to the farm market to sell. Only reason I stopped printing was I ran out of paper! That’s a first. 
Aaaand we’re supposed to get snow tonight! Psyched! But I had to cut down my giant cosmos and some of my late blooming marigolds, wanted to be able to continue enjoying them post snow. 

Oh, and in case you haven’t gotten enough of this in all your other media sources, fuck Trump and all he represents and enables. 

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