Sunday Sunday

After a quick shift at the farm market today, I rushed home to finish up working on Twiglig, my monster skull mount. Trickiest thing was definitely the construction. That’s a solid wedge of cherry wood used as the wall mount, and the skull itself is quite heavy. Together, all the downward pull wants to pull any nail out of the wall! The heft combined with the extremely delicate antlers, which are just dried lily stems, made for some frustrating hours, but I’m quite pleased with the final result. 
Today was the last afternoon to submit a piece to the Rochester Contemporary Art Center! Every artist who is a member is invited to submit one work, maximum size of 36”x36”x36” for a group show opening in December and lasting well into January. Ol’ Twiglig survived the journey in the car, here’s to hoping he’s still in one piece come the opening day, December 2!

RAD Redo

Rainy day off, time to tackle my suffering website! New design, new artwork, new ability to have a store and blog too! (That’s pretty cool, thanks Format.)
Give me time, I’ll make it even better.

Happy Halloweekend!!

Illustration by Sam Heimer

Above is some Halloween eye candy illustrated by Sam Heimer. Fell in love with his work today.

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