Rachel Anna DeVona

Rachel Anna DeVona is a visual artist living in Rochester, NY. Working with pencils, pens, paint, torn paper, cardboard and fabric; the “stuff” of her world that composes each creation, she gives items a heartbeat for art that may have otherwise been glanced over. 

Schooled in the traditions of fine art at SUNY New Paltz, she returns to them time and again to give voice to artwork born of passion for colors, textures, and the latent possibilities of the objects and forms around her. Rachel has a studio in the Public Market District of Rochester at The Yards, where she hosts a monthly figure drawing night.

Relationships are found everywhere and Rachel brings both patient craftsmanship and explosive gestures to her work to explore them. She is both old school and no school. She very much enjoys the journey of making each piece. The journey is her reward, the art is yours. 

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