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Arlo's Garden

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Arlo's Garden is a charming children's book created and sold in upstate NY. The author, Lisa L. Lynn, is a clinical psychologist residing in Rochester, New York. She is impassioned by horses and spends many hours in their presence daily, including Arlo the thoroughbred, and Frankincense the mustang.

 The illustrator is Rachel Anna DeVona. Arlo’s Garden is her first children’s book. She lives in Rochester, New York, with her partner, a snake named Parsley, and Basil the chameleon. She’s still holding out for a goat and some rabbits.

Arlo is an older horse who lives on a big farm. He has some favorite foods, including grass, carrots, apples, and pears. He used to be a racehorse, and then he taught children how to ride on horseback. Now in his retirement, life may be changing in some unexpected and delicious ways.

The thoroughbred in the story is a real horse! He is the author's sweet daily farm companion, Arlo. The first portion of the story is true, the second portion are the dreams they are hoping to soon fulfill. If you have a young horse lover, this story book would make a perfect addition to their book shelf.

This is a paperback book, measuring 9" x 7" (w x h) with 32 pages. Young reader appropriate, reading level age 5 years-12 years. Though a story can be read aloud to a child of any age! From new born to 100!

The illustrations were originally created using gouache paint. You can view them on this website under the Galleries dropdown titled Arlo's Garden.

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